Library Donated Materials
Per Sumter County Policy, the Friends of the Library receive any Weeded Materials judged by the Library staff to have possible resale value. All Weeded Materials judged unsuitable for sale must be discarded.
Any Materials donated from the Public to the Library, which are not added to the Library Collection, and judged to have possible resale value are also donated to the Friends of the Library.
Patron Donated Materials

The Friends of The Villages Library makes every effort to find new homes for all Donated Materials, including Books, CDs and DVDs. However, through our experience, many genres are known to have limited resale value and may be refused, redonated or discarded. Ask our Bookroom Volunteer for any genre limitations. 

Our Bookroom Volunteers reserve the right to limit the quantity & quality of your donations to keep our Volunteers and Patrons safe. Please check with the Bookroom Volunteer before delivering several boxes of books to determine our space limitations. Please stage delivery of large donations over several days or contact the Donation Crew.

Contact Donation Crew

If you have a large donation or require assistance with delivery or pickup, contact our Donation Crew

Thanks, but NO Thanks!!
We do not accept
damaged, moldy,
dirty or buggy
books -
PLEASE Recycle.
Not Accepting:
VHS & Books on Tape
If not sure, ask.
ONLY at Pinellas Branch
Magazines accepted
Current to 6 months
PLEASE Recycle Older.
Materials left outside the
Library Building may be destroyed by
Security Personnel.