Many Hands Required & Needed

Although most of our nearly 170 FOVL Volunteers are happy with one or two Bookroom shifts each month, some Volunteers & Members have asked for more opportunities to help. This is true of our more seasoned volunteers, as well as our less experienced volunteers.  Perhaps you're eager to learn something new or to apply your knowledge & prior life experiences in a new way. 


That coincides nicely with:

  • Basic fact #1: We are all on the fast-track to attrition.  We need to be training our replacements, because we don't know when the need will be NOW. 

  • Basic fact #2: None of us is irreplaceable, in the long-term.  But in the short-term? Many an organization has failed when a key player, or a few, are lost.

  • Basic fact #3: Many hands make for a faster job, well done.

If you don't find anything on the Volunteer page of interest, perhaps you will consider one of the following:

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Sorting Parties


We often receive large Donations of Weeded Materials from the Library and entire Estates from the Public.  These large Donations cannot be processed safely within our Bookrooms so they are taken to Storage.  When Donations accumulate, we hold "Sorting Parties" to determine what to do with these books - do they go to a Bookroom for shelving, back into Storage for a Overstock Sale, or should we redonate them to a local school or another Non-Profit?  If you can help for a couple of hours, with just a few days notice, WE NEED YOU.

Box Movers


Do you have a little muscle and some spare time?   Can you be available on short notice to jump in and assist in picking up donations?  A van or SUV would be nice, but not required.  A little practice with a two-wheel hand truck and you're in business.  You are a critical component of our Overstock Sales - getting the boxes out of storage, loading them into a rented truck and unloading them into the sale venue.   You could also help move boxes around during a Sorting Party.  Or transport of excess Bookroom donations to Storage.  If you're willing to join a team of 4 to 6 Box Movers that we can call or email when needed, WE NEED YOU.